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Cooking On The Road Means A Stocked Pantry

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Do you stock a stocked RV pantry for summer? Unexpected stuff happens.

A stocked pantry may be needed for any number of reasons: a campground evacuation when floods or fires threaten; a mechanical problem; a trip that is delayed; a freezer that thaws and ruins its contents; or a lack of cash on hand.

On the brighter side, you may need extra food so you can invite your campground neighbors for a meal; so you’re ready when the campground hosts a gala potluck; or so you can stay another week in a great remote camping spot.

Whether you have a large pull-out pantry or a tiny bin under the bed, do make space for extra food. Following are recipes that make use of stowable supermarket staples to make a meal.

Pantry Basics

You’ll have your own favorites, but here are some items that work. Check use-by dates and rotate supplies every season.

Biscuit mix Bouillon Canned Boston brown bread Canned and dried fruits Canned meat, seafood

Canned mushroom soup Crackers (stackable saltines are the most compact and versatile) Dried cheese such as grated Parmesan Dried chipped beef

Dried pasta sauce (read package for additional ingredients) Dried soup mixes Evaporated milk, canned cream Honey Nonfat dry milk Nuts Oatmeal and other cooked cereals

Pasta Peanut butter Pepperoni, jerky Popcorn Powdered drink mixes

Ramen soup Rice and other whole grains Tomato paste Vegetable oil

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